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    Only when you recognise with which products you can achieve the desired success can you also take the correct measures.

    Our competent contact persons are available every day.
    We try our best to understand your query and to find a fast solution.
  • Optimum design and control of the business processes, as well as the ability to adapt these to continuously changing markets and circumstances quickly and in a cost-effective way, are today a question of survival for many companies.

  • Who always does what he is already able to do, always remains what he already is.

    What is the actual role of management? To react to changes in an intelligent way.

    MEGALITH Print Workflow Software helps you to do this..

The MEGALITH workflow system is able to map and support all business processes in the graphics industry.

Client Opinions

  • “Megalith is an open solution which is compatible with other systems. Software, which also reflects new requirements of a media group, with multiple locations and customers. The positive, fully functioning cooperation for more than 20 years actually says it all. An enjoyable cooperation."
    Hans-Jörg Karstens 


The relationship between customer and company, between buyer and seller, is highly relevant for commercial success. Provide your employees with the right information and the right tools at the right time.


In production companies, production is the central instance. Companies are required to improve processes in order to improve customer relations and profit. Therefore, optimisation of production planning must be right at the top of the priority list.


Don’t guess any more but rather know. With post-calculation, the truth comes to the fore - not just a saying, rather the bitter truth! This means that post-calculation is one of the most important tools of a profitably working company.



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