Job monitor


The MEGALITH job monitor is the instrument for editing and monitoring all jobs.

All incoming jobs can be managed using the job monitor.  

The job monitor is the control centre for the sales team for job processing. 

Using function buttons, the job monitor gives fast access to:


  • Log in/ordering job-related material and paper
  • Basic date notification for scheduling (e.g. planed data delivery, planned printing release, planned printing approval, etc.)
  • Retrieval of the paper status of the job
  • Retrieval of the production status of the job
  • Insights into concurrent accounting
  • An overview of planned and completed deliveries
  • Overview of the status of the pre-print stage (response via JDF/JMF)
  • Overview of capacity of production



Scheduling serves to optimise production and control schedules.  

Operations can be combined with one another logically and can be graphically depicted in order of their time.  

The time values taken from the calculation are available for scheduling based on signature or cost centre.  

Jobs can be produced in sheets on various printers or can be split up as per signature.

The subdivided part-production steps each have a cost centre start deadline and cost centre deadline.

Critical appointments are shown on the screen in colour and can be identified at an early stage.

The automatic planning, the dispatcher has the possibility at all times to allocate priorities manually.

Graphic capacity overview of all dispatched cost centres.  

Electronic time sheets/BDE


Thanks to the continuous responses using the production data acquisition, great transparency concerning the job progress of various jobs can be seen.

Each employee independently enters his activities and materials to the remote web-based cost recording system in the production department.

Several employees may be logged in at the same time at one control terminal.

Before work commences, the planned production processes of the cost centres are displayed to the employees and the electronic job ticket is displayed on the BDE terminal.  

In order to avoid erroneous input to the BDE system, the system is equipped with comprehensive security measures and plausibility checks.

Pallet slips can be issued directly by the BDE.

Machine data acquisition (MDA)


MEGALITH MDA guarantees the perfect information flow between production and production planning. As part of this process, permanent dialogue with the collection terminals via complex control programmes and transfer programmes is guaranteed.

With machine data acquisition you receive information about the machine running time, down time, setup time and disruption times, as well as error reports directly from the individual machine automatically and in (almost) real time.  

Some of the advantages of machine data acquisition are:

  • Capture and reduction of disruption and down time and an improvement of plant utilisation
  • Improvement in adherence to schedules
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Improvement and guarantee of a high standard of quality
  • Improvement in the quality of planning and decision making
  • Improvement in job progress controls
  • Improvement in flexibility (e.g. fast reaction to disturbances)

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